Homelessness Stats for January 2017

ECHO (Ending Community Homelessness Coalition) collects and reports data on the homeless community in Austin, TX.  They are fiercely committed to ending homelessness.  The data helps legislators partition funds for services for the homeless.  Here is a link to the stats from January 2017:


Please take a look and learn more about the individuals experiencing homelessness in Austin today.

Eryn Snowden-Rawley


ECHO is Awesome

I met with Garrett Olin and Richard at ECHO in Downtown Austin, TX.  We will be working together to gather data on the Austin homeless community and ECHO will forward the information to the powers that be in order to solicit for much needed services.  We discussed:



Data Collaboration

Homelessness Stats

Please check in on ECHO Austin regularly.  They do good work! http://www.austinecho.org

Eryn – Director