Fundraiser Kickoff!

We have just started a fundraiser and hope that you will be a part of it!  We are using the Go Fund Me website to host the fundraiser and our webpage is:

Any amount helps and this will continue until we reach or surpass our goal of $2500.  All proceeds go to assembling and distributing backpacks to the homeless.  We operate on a volunteer only basis.

Thank you for your continued support!

Eryn Snowden-Rawley




Macpack’s First Fundraiser for the Homeless!

We have window decal stickers for you!

Place them in your car to let everyone know that you support the homeless community here.  You can tack them to your old bulletin board at work.  Or, you can buy a bunch for gifts to give to like-minded homeless advocates. Let us know where you stick it!  I hope to spot them all over Austin, TX!

Just click on the Macpack name up to the left and go to the home page to Donate.

Thank you!

Eryn Snowden-Rawley


The stickers cost Macpack $6 each but feel free to add to our cause. ($6 covers the cost of the sticker and postage, only.  So, we only have a few, for now.  We are hoping that this fundraiser will provide for more Macpacks!)

When you donate, please let us know the address where we can send the stickers.  Your information is held in the strictest privacy.