2014 Kick Off

Hello Community,

It was one year ago today that we got the idea to create a non-profit to help the homeless here in Austin. The majority of this time has been spent doing a great deal of paperwork. It is a process. We have also learned a lot and looking forward to an amazing 2014.

While we are still very new we have to say the highlight of 2013 was our friends in Sweden picking up the torch to spread our message abroad. They are still going strong.

2014 is here, and we need your help. We need donations to kick off our year. Our community goal is to get the Austin area majorly involved in providing back packs and guidance to homeless we can reach out to. We found a great company that can provide pre-packaged Macpacks for only $35 We want to raise $7000 so we can have 200 back packs to hand out to you, our community, by August 12th. Remember you are Macpack and we want you to be a part of this.

If you know of any companies/organizations who are interested in sponsoring, please send us their info or direct them to our web here where they are free to make contributions. We are happy to take donations from individuals as well to help us make this goal. We want to be very up front with our cost as everything goes directly to managing our service. Help us get more involved and make this year our flagship year for providing change to our community.


Ryan L. Reddick
Technical Director


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