Who is Macpack

poor, sad little child girl sitting against the concrete wall

Eryn Snowden-Rawley, Director

My name is Eryn. My father Mac Rawley was my inspiration for Macpack. He was always giving what he could to people who were in need, down and out, and destitute. While he suffered from his own demons he always worked to help others even though he struggled with helping himself. While he passed from this world recently, his legacy lives on in me. I felt I needed to keep his dream going in memory of and for the need of the community. I have always wanted to help others in need and wanted to take this further.

Two years ago I decided to make donations to a homeless center and other foundations to help our community. Through this I learned that many places were asking for particular essentials that were needed in the homeless community that could be given besides monetary donations. Having a career that required me to travel all over the country and sometimes the world, I could see the urgency of having particular essentials and how much they were missed when gone. A year later this led me to start putting together back packs on my own and giving them out to the homeless community. I would keep back packs for the spring or the winter season in the back seat of my car and give them out as I saw fit. In winter of 2012 I met Ryan Reddick through a mutual friend. While talking, I shared with him my passion for helping the homeless and my project of giving out back packs. He felt that my idea could be utilized even further on a larger scale, and together we decided to start Macpack and get our community involved to help Austin’s homeless.

Ryan Reddick, Technical Director

My name is Ryan. While I am not originally from Austin, it is now my home. Growing up my mother made me very aware of my community at an early age. I began volunteering and working with inner city kids back in Pennsylvania. I volunteered with the Boy Scouts, the Kiwanis Clubs, and volunteered at my local hospital. As I grew older I traveled abroad with a non-profit organization working in small towns and larger cities all over the United States and Europe. In the end it resulted in me doing over 5000 hours of voluntary community service. I moved on with my career and while I no longer volunteered as frequently, I continued to help my friends and loved ones in every community I lived in. I eventually met Eryn here in Austin. After hearing about her father and her passion for helping the homeless, I could not help but think there could be more done on a larger scale. I shared with Eryn the possibilities of building the scale of her contributions and together we formed Macpack.

Hello world!

Macpack is here, and we now have official web presence. We want to thank everyone who has given us support and shown interest. We strive to help the Austin community through our Vision and Mission Statement:

Macpack will work to better the lives of the homeless in Austin, TX.

Mission Statement:
Macpack will fund efforts to help the homeless of Austin, TX. We will do so by providing supplies and funding to organizations that assist our displaced population, and strive to better their lives now and in the future.

There is still so much to do and we will need your help do it. We are in transition to from moving from our standard Facebook page and moving to our Non-profit fan page. While it may look similar, it is very different. Please go here:


Like this page and share it with your friends. As Facebook is an amazing social network, we want as much exposure there as possible.

Also, remember we are taking donations via Pay Pal. You can make them on the Pay Pal site: https://www.paypal.com/home just by using our email address Macpack16@gmail.com.

Please check in often to stay up to date on news about the Austin homeless community and statistics from all over the country so we can better educate each other of this plight that affects us all. As human beings we must be aware of tragic misfortunes of other that are not so fortunate.


Ryan L. Reddick
Technical Director